• Prepare your new living place remotely is sometimes difficult especially when you are moving abroad or after the return to your country.

  • To simplify this period, save time and avoid travels, we can offer you the following services:
    Reorganization and refurbishment of a property that you have just purchased or that you left long time ago.
    Decoration and selection of furniture that you want to keep according to your preferences;
    Site supervision; management of companies, orders and installation of your furniture.

    We establish together requirements specification that suits you.
    After several conversations and email exchanges, we consider your remarks and constantly develop your project (plan, 3D drawing, photos…) according to your choices.
    With specimen sent by international courier, you can easily see the colors, materials and fabrics that we order for you.

    On site, we manage companies, orders, delivery and installation of your new house…

Contact : Delphine Gaillard
Phone : 06 14 17 71 74
E-mail: info@dgdecoration.com